Definition of innominate vein in English:

innominate vein


  • Either of two large veins of the neck formed by the junction of the external jugular and subclavian veins.

    ‘The left innominate vein may receive anomalous pulmonary veins; the longest recorded living history of an individual with this ‘incompatible with life’ variation is forty-two years.’
    • ‘In 3 patients, one or both lobes lay behind the innominate vein and in 2 patients a microscopical focus of thymus was found in fat lying distant from gross thymic tissue.’
    • ‘The innominate vein was identified superiorly and the dissection was carried anterior to the innominate vein freeing all structures anterior to it.’
    • ‘Of the 64%, the site of drainage was (in order of frequency) superior vena cava, right atrium, and left innominate vein.’


innominate vein

/iˈnämənət vān/ /ɪˈnɑmənət veɪn/