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‘What are we to make of the breakdown of standards of intellectual discourse in this affair - the statistical innumeracy, the confusion of fairness with sameness, the refusal to glance at the scientific literature?’
  • ‘I won't say that this reporter is biased, but there is this problem of the innumeracy of the press, which has also exhibited itself elsewhere during this episode.’
  • ‘Let's call it a typo rather than an admission of my own innumeracy.’
  • ‘Many economists believe that affective forecasting errors are impediments to rational action and hence should be eliminated - just as we would all agree that illiteracy or innumeracy are bad things that deserve to be eradicated.’
  • ‘To state the obvious, anyone who has reached the noble goal of mastering mathematics (with the use of technology or without), must have conquered along the way the common malady of innumeracy.’



/iˈno͞om(ə)rəsē/ /ɪˈnum(ə)rəsi/