Definition of inoculant in English:



  • A substance suitable for inoculating.

    ‘Be particularly careful with liquid inoculants which may contain sodium sulfite and other synthetic ingredients which are prohibited.’
    • ‘The products in this year's directory are divided into six groups - acid-based, sugar-based, enzymes, enzyme/salt mixtures, salts and inoculants.’
    • ‘Liquid inoculants and fungicides should not be mixed and applied simultaneously.’
    • ‘In-furrow inoculants were developed in part to keep inoculants away from chemically treated seed and are recommended when seed treatments are used.’
    • ‘Soybeans, we think, currently have the greatest potential for growth as the retailer can supply fungicides or inoculants or a combination of seed and application services.’
    • ‘Home gardeners can buy the fungi as soil inoculants from seed catalogs.’
    • ‘When you get the smallpox vaccine, the virus in the inoculant can be transmitted to people around you.’
    • ‘Commercial inoculants usually contain strains of bacteria that fix nitrogen more rapidly than native strains, but they usually do not survive well from year to year.’
    • ‘When the Nebraska retailer first started applying inoculants, it experienced some problems getting material dry enough so it did not cake up.’
    • ‘That pink dye on legume seed, for instance, is there to tell you the seed will fix nitrogen because it has been doused with the necessary inoculant - itself a beneficial microorganism.’
    • ‘He expects his operation's bulk seed treatment business to expand to include inoculants and insecticide treatments on bulk seed corn.’
    • ‘But recently developed inoculants, with more effective strains of fermentation bacteria, are producing slightly better quality silage.’
    • ‘This research, coupled with lactation studies at the center, showed how much milk-production response could be achieved with silage inoculants.’
    • ‘Bacterial inoculants are the principal silage additives in the United States; they ensure fast and efficient fermentation in the silo.’
    • ‘They were also not using enough inoculants, he remarks.’
    • ‘Protect inoculants and inoculated seed from sun and heat as much as possible and plant soon after inoculation.’
    • ‘Are the anti-anthrax inoculants in production relevant to the threat, or just one minor aspect?’
    • ‘Higher yields could be in store for pea crops as U.S. and Russian scientists cooperatively field-test an experimental inoculant and new strains of microbe-friendly peas.’
    • ‘He generally adds an inoculant as the bagger machine operates.’
    • ‘One word of caution, once the inoculant is moistened, use it all & do not let it dry out or you will kill the rhizobia.’



/əˈnäkyəl(ə)nt/ /əˈnɑkjəl(ə)nt/