Definition of inoffensive in English:



  • Not objectionable or harmful.

    ‘a shy, inoffensive, and sensitive girl’
    • ‘He was a quiet, inoffensive gentleman of the old style, who devoted his time to his work and family.’
    • ‘Still, it is inoffensive and harmless, and even a little bit cute in its own way.’
    • ‘Here he portrayed his wife, not as mild or inoffensive, but as argumentative and idle.’
    • ‘A quiet, inoffensive person, she was the essence of gentleness and kindness.’
    • ‘The result is a highly inoffensive, passable sound which has its interesting, if unremarkable, moments.’
    • ‘A man of impeccable character, his quiet and inoffensive manner endeared him to all who had the pleasure of knowing him.’
    • ‘He was a kind, quiet, inoffensive man who was a wonderful neighbour.’
    • ‘In many cases, inoffensive people are injured in unprovoked assaults.’
    • ‘A quiet, kind and inoffensive woman she enjoyed the simple things in life and looked forward to a weekly game of bingo.’
    • ‘The present sign on a wall is inoffensive, out of the way and informs the public that here is to be found something which is necessary and desirable.’
    • ‘The whole experience was offensively inoffensive - mechanically brilliant but creatively dead.’
    • ‘A woman of great religious beliefs she was of a most inoffensive nature and was very popular in the local community.’
    • ‘The need of the electorate was to reject and eject a corrupt administration, Labour being an inoffensive alternative.’
    • ‘The debates was little more than a cosy session of swapping inoffensive historical anecdotes about libraries.’
    • ‘The film might end up being completely inoffensive for all I know, but I see why they are worried.’
    • ‘Continue to look at them and their placid, inoffensive appearance draws you in with a curious and unexpected power.’
    • ‘I don't see a problem - he wears inoffensive casual clothes that don't always fit properly.’
    • ‘He was a familiar sight around the town where his kind and inoffensive disposition endeared him to all.’
    • ‘He is fondly remembered by his neighbours and friends as a kind, helpful and inoffensive man.’
    • ‘Of a kind and inoffensive disposition she died as she had lived ever so quietly and peacefully.’
    harmless, innocuous, unobjectionable, unexceptionable, unoffending, non-aggressive, non-violent, non-combative
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