Definition of inoffensiveness in English:



See inoffensive

‘We can root out every error, every plagiarist, every bias - but it won't do any good if we replace them with a gutless inoffensiveness.’
  • ‘Too much reliance is placed on the leader's inoffensiveness and past success, too little on leading debate on neglected issues such as the environment and housing.’
  • ‘His handsome appearance, conservatism, inoffensiveness, and uplifting speaking style earned him the Republican presidential nomination as a compromise candidate in 1920.’
  • ‘Some might see that as an advantage, but inoffensiveness should never be a qualification for high office.’
  • ‘As such, we cannot guarantee the legality, accuracy, security, or inoffensiveness of any of these parties, their sites, and/or their events.’



/ˌinəˈfensəvnəs/ /ˌɪnəˈfɛnsəvnəs/