Definition of inoperability in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌäp(ə)rəˈbilitē/


See inoperable

‘Endoscopic ultrasound may help identify inoperable patients by providing tissue proof of inoperability in a single staging test, with similar sensitivity for identifying inoperable patients as other staging tests.’
  • ‘Patients with preoperative needle biopsies showing inoperability did not undergo additional open biopsy because it was considered unethical in light of the very low false-positive rate of cytology.’
  • ‘The result for ovarian cancer was of borderline significance, although patients with stage unknown had a generally worse prognosis than those with stage IV disease, presumably reflecting inoperability.’
  • ‘Poor design of fire alarm systems can lead to increased nuisance alarm rates, increased maintenance costs, inoperability, and in some cases, fines.’
  • ‘After recently deciding to hang up my car keys, and take to the initiative of public transport, I have been dumbfounded by the blatant inoperability of public transport services.’