Definition of inoperable in English:



  • 1Medicine
    Not able to be suitably operated on.

    ‘inoperable cancer’
    • ‘A 63 year old man with pneumonia was admitted three weeks after he had been discharged after investigation and, ultimately, a diagnosis of an aggressive inoperable lung cancer.’
    • ‘Surgical resection of the pancreas using Whipple's procedure remains the mainstay of therapy, but many cases of pancreatic cancer are inoperable.’
    • ‘She had just been diagnosed with inoperable rectal cancer and faced months of chemotherapy and biological therapy plus the annoyance of having an ileostomy.’
    • ‘The research, conducted at the Liverpool Lung Cancer Unit, could help prolong the lives of people diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer.’
    • ‘Detection of inoperable cancer was the outcome measure.’
    untreatable, incurable, beyond cure, beyond surgery, irremediable
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  • 2Not able to be used.

    ‘the airfield was bombed and made inoperable’
    • ‘And as groups which emphasize their military nature, they should certainly know better than to point any gun, even an inoperable one, at someone whom they're not about to justifiably shoot.’
    • ‘Although the deal called for such heavy arms as mortars and rocket-propelled grenades to be surrendered to the Marines, all they have received is a small assortment of rusty, inoperable weapons.’
    • ‘Well, remember, there are some over 200,000 tons that have been found and destroyed and made inoperable by our spectacular service people who work in the coalition.’
    • ‘I wrote to Celtic to complain, but despite getting a reply promising action, the toilet locks remained inoperable, and I now follow my team via the radio, hardly a worthy substitute.’
    • ‘It had a fireplace and the first night we moved in, not knowing that it was inoperable, we started an enormous fire and smoked everybody out of the apartments above us.’
    • ‘This would render the space telescope inoperable in 2 to 4 years.’
    • ‘Since her steam engines were long ago rendered inoperable, it would cost an additional $15,000 to have her towed up the river.’
    • ‘Four refineries may remain inoperable for months.’
    • ‘Most systems allow all windows but the driver's to be made inoperable from the passenger seats, which is very handy for folk with small children to consider.’
    • ‘This week is one to be lamented as if officially puts an end to the summer and the time has come to resolve to remove the de-icer from the car before the locks freeze up rendering the doors inoperable.’
    • ‘A crate containing the weapon had already arrived by ship at a US port - but, before leaving Russia, the missile had been made inoperable.’
    • ‘The company has 489 inoperable buses left idle in its 16 bus depots.’
    • ‘As the lift was inoperable, my legs are still complaining.’
    • ‘How it has taken almost a month to correct whatever fault that has rendered the traffic lights at this dangerous junction inoperable is beyond me.’
    • ‘The train had its windows smashed and was left inoperable.’
    • ‘After their defeat at the Battle of Long Island, the mill was disabled so that the British would find it inoperable.’
    • ‘He protested that there was absolutely no brake fluid in the car - none - and the brakes were inoperable.’
    • ‘The hydrant at the corner of Queen and Frederick Streets, the one closest to the fire, was one of those inoperable ones.’
    • ‘If it was being done, how is it that they did not know that those hydrants in a critically congested area of the city were inoperable?’
    • ‘A number unique to each handset can be used to identify and render stolen phones inoperable.’
    unusable, out of action, out of order, out of service, not in service, not operative, not in operation, not working, non-active, unable to be used
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  • 3Not able to be implemented; impractical.

    ‘the procedures were inoperable’
    • ‘Many of them know, as indeed we know on this side of the House, that if we accept the amendments that have been put forward, the questioning process from a practical point of view will be rendered inoperable.’
    • ‘The Doctrine of pre-emption becomes inoperable without unimpeachable intelligence accepted by all as the coin of the realm.’
    • ‘The uneasy separation of motive from outcome, which he blithely assumes in theory, is inoperable in practice.’
    impractical, unworkable, unfeasible, unrealistic, non-viable, impracticable, unserviceable, unsuitable, inappropriate, inconvenient
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