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  • Occurring at an inconvenient or inappropriate time.

    ‘a storm blew up at an inopportune moment’
    • ‘Firstly, it always happens at the most inopportune moments, and secondly, it's generally about a subject you haven't got a clue about.’
    • ‘What next - will we be banned from taking any photograph in any public place just in case a minor happens to walk in front of the lens at an inopportune moment?!’
    • ‘When the initial shock wore off I think we all felt a bit cheated that such a huge bombshell should be dropped at such an inopportune moment.’
    • ‘On one of them the battery dies at an inopportune moment so I have to go get a supervisor.’
    • ‘And just at the most inopportune moment, the guy turned this way.’
    • ‘That was before he started writing books ‘from the inside’ and publishing them at very inopportune moments.’
    • ‘But I've gotten laughs at a couple of inopportune moments also.’
    • ‘How is he to know that he's rung at an inopportune moment.’
    • ‘He couldn't help but blush every time she caught him staring in her direction and he'd often find himself dreaming of her at the most inopportune moments.’
    • ‘Some dreams are interrupted during the most inopportune moments, especially those that reflect hidden desires.’
    • ‘In terms of the world context, this is probably one of the most inopportune moments to announce further cuts to royalties and taxes.’
    • ‘What inadequate lighting exists is unreliable, flickering off at the most inopportune moments.’
    • ‘You had, unwittingly, called at an inopportune time as I had just cut my finger on a tin of anchovies and Carlo was helping me staunch the flow of blood.’
    • ‘But I'm learning to accept my awkwardness and lack of loving the social element at seemingly inopportune times.’
    • ‘These negative forces were unleashed on us at a most inopportune time, when the country started reaping nature's rewards in the form of an abundance of oil dollars.’
    • ‘As a rule, I can put off these inopportune demands.’
    • ‘It will visit upon us an important event at an inopportune time, as if to illustrate how inconsequential our influence on the greater scheme.’
    • ‘This is an unhelpful hyperbole, but it is certainly true that there must be contexts in which a statement of these truths is politically inopportune.’
    • ‘Most experts agreed that his demand for the removal of the Wall was inopportune, utopian, and crazy.’
    inconvenient, untimely, ill-timed, badly timed, mistimed, inappropriate, unsuitable, inapt, ill-chosen, infelicitous, unfavourable, unfortunate, unpropitious, inauspicious, inexpedient, disadvantageous
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/ˌinˌäpərˈto͞on/ /ˌɪnˌɑpərˈtun/ /inˌäpərˈto͞on/ /ɪnˌɑpərˈtun/


Early 16th century from Latin inopportunus, from in- ‘not’ + opportunus (see opportune).