Definition of inordinately in English:


Pronunciation /iˈnôrdnətlē/ /ɪˈnɔrdnətli/

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  • To an unusually or disproportionately large degree; excessively.

    ‘the information was inordinately vetted and censored’
    • ‘negotiations took an inordinately long time’
    • ‘The brothers shared a wince at the memory of the snotty chef their mother was inordinately fond of.’
    • ‘He's even lost a T-shirt to an inordinately hungry squirrel.’
    • ‘Recent work on Don Juan has drawn on a considerable range of theoretical approaches in order to explicate an inordinately complex text.’
    • ‘It is intended to be a black comedy—a genre of which I am inordinately fond.’
    • ‘In the past 20 years, landscapers have grown inordinately fond of using male trees.’
    • ‘His disregard of proportion is shown by his inordinately long quotations from the poets.’
    • ‘Recognizing "the energy expended in a shoe heel" seems like an inordinately modest reckoning of a life's work.’
    • ‘The four main characters are inordinately involved with their respective bodies.’
    • ‘Byron's inordinately favorable reputation amongst Russians survived the revolution of 1917.’
    • ‘The question is whether these agents of economic growth are not being stifled in the protection of inordinately high returns on shareholders interest.’