Definition of inosine in English:



  • A compound which is an intermediate in the metabolism of purine and is used in kidney transplantation to provide a temporary source of sugar. It is a nucleoside consisting of hypoxanthine linked to ribose.

    ‘Adenosine deaminase is an enzyme of purine metabolism which catalyses adenosine into inosine and is found in most human tissues particularly in the lymphoid tissues.’
    • ‘Apart from that, however, they would exhibit exactly the same coordination of the ions as in the channel of the guanine quadruplex as the electronic structure and molecular electrostatic potential of inosine and guanine are similar.’
    • ‘We have evaluated selected molecular interactions of nucleobases in the simulated structures to obtain further insight in similarities and differences between the ability of guanine and inosine to form quadruplexes.’
    • ‘Adenosine deaminase is an aminohydrolase that converts adenosine to inosine and is thus involved in the catabolism of purine bases.’
    • ‘However, due to the low transport rate of inosine, this is a low-flux pathway.’



/ˈinəsēn/ /ˈɪnəsin/ /ˈinəsən/ /ˈɪnəsən/ /ˈīnəˌsēn/ /ˈaɪnəˌsin/ /ˈīnəsən/ /ˈaɪnəsən/


Early 20th century from Greek is, in- ‘fiber, muscle’+ -ose+ -ine.