Definition of inositol in English:



  • A simple carbohydrate which occurs in animal and plant tissue and is a vitamin of the B group.

    Alternative name: hexahydroxycyclohexane; chemical formula: C₆H₁₂O₆

    ‘Betaine, along with choline, methionine, vitamin B12, and inositol, were first known for their ability to protect against the development of fatty liver in animals as early as 1954.’
    • ‘Molecules with phosphorylated inositol are termed polyphosphoinositides.’
    • ‘In the intact plant, inositol is synthesized in the leaf in response to salinization, and transported to the root in phloem.’
    • ‘Even wild-type strains exhibit growth stimulation in response to supplementation with inositol and choline.’
    • ‘For calibration, standard monosaccharide solutions and inositol (the internal standard) were used.’



/iˈnōsətôl/ /ɪˈnoʊsətɔl/ /īˈnōsəˌtôl/ /aɪˈnoʊsəˌtɔl/ /iˈnōsəˌtäl/ /ɪˈnoʊsəˌtɑl/


Late 19th century from the earlier name inosite+ -ol.