Definition of inpouring in English:



  • The action of pouring something in; an infusion.

    ‘vast inpouring of public money’
    • ‘In the love of material things, there is no inpouring of love from the object of worship but, rather, a one-sided covetous and unrequited love of the object that continually increases our craving for it.’
    • ‘But let's not, thereby, fool ourselves: might is right, whether that might be a vigilant Australian coastwatch, a WW II-style military invasion threat, or an overwhelming inpouring of distressed humanity.’
    • ‘From his vantage point close to the town of Orgiva in the Andalusian mountains, Stewart has seen a huge inpouring of Britons.’
    • ‘The remarkable fact about this inpouring of wealth is its extraordinary suddenness.’
    • ‘There would be such a voluntary inpouring of funds that all financial problems would disappear and this work could be extended and carried on with greater efficiency and its permanence relieved of any doubt.’



/ˈinˌpôriNG/ /ˈɪnˌpɔrɪŋ/