Definition of inquiline in English:



  • An animal exploiting the living space of another, e.g. an insect that lays its eggs in a gall produced by another.

    as modifier ‘an inquiline insect’
    • ‘Consequently, there is no need to invoke allopatric conditions to explain the patterns of variation seen in both the gall inducer and its inquiline beetle.’
    • ‘Rarely do inhabitants of galls remaining on host plants survive the winter, but in this case adults of Periclistus inquilines and parasitoids emerged from both galls in the litter and galls on the plant.’
    • ‘Permanent social parasites have one of two distinct life-history strategies: inquilines are social endoparasites that live in a host colony, often without killing host workers or queens.’



/ˈinkwəlīn/ /ˈɪnkwəlaɪn/ /ˈiNGkwəˌlīn/ /ˈɪŋkwəˌlaɪn/ /ˈinkwələn/ /ˈɪnkwələn/ /ˈiNGkwələn/ /ˈɪŋkwələn/


Mid 17th century from Latin inquilinus ‘temporary resident’, from in- ‘into’ + colere ‘dwell’.