Definition of inquisitional in English:



See inquisition

‘In his reprise of Paradise Lost, original sin is a lie, and God is an ancient fallen angel who has perpetrated a creationist con on the human race, wickedly exploited by a viciously inquisitional church.’
  • ‘When this happens, a very rare occurrence to be sure, the full force of inquisitional opposition from the scientific priesthood is brought to bear on the heretic.’
  • ‘Each walked a fine line between the threat of inquisitional prosecution for heresy and prosecution by secular authorities in land or other disputes.’
  • ‘The routine inquisitional forms had to be completed and the files completed before the prisoners/confessors could be executed.’
  • ‘The inquisitional chair and the tools of torture are there for the viewers to see.’



/ˌinkwəˈziSHənl/ /ˌɪnkwəˈzɪʃənl/ /ˌinkwəˈziSHnəl/ /ˌɪnkwəˈzɪʃnəl/