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‘This also helps foster inquisitiveness, curiosity, pragmatism in decision making, and creative thinking.’
  • ‘Good science requires intense inquisitiveness and intense curiosity.’
  • ‘Whilst not pleasant or acceptable behavior, this sounds more like adolescent experimentation and sexual inquisitiveness rather that really serious assault.’
  • ‘Now he inspires the same inquisitiveness and persistence in the students he works with in the chemistry department at the prestigious Ivy League Cornell University in New York State.’
  • ‘I was proud that the president of my university retains the inquisitiveness of an academic.’



/inˈkwizədivnəs/ /ɪnˈkwɪzədɪvnəs/ /iNGˈkwizədivnəs/ /ɪŋˈkwɪzədɪvnəs/