Definition of insanely in English:


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  • 1In a foolish, wild, or uncontrolled manner.

    ‘William stood grinning insanely’
    • ‘he drives insanely’
    • ‘Just then, she starts laughing insanely outside.’
    • ‘The count would cackle insanely about three bats.’
    • ‘I was convinced he was insanely endangering life on earth.’
    • ‘He had spent many years as a personal slave to the insanely bloodthirsty and tyrannical sultan.’
    • ‘The attempt to eradicate disgust is simply insanely wicked, like the desire to eradicate any normal human emotion.’
    • ‘I am apprehensive, paranoid, possibly insanely worried.’
    • ‘I was suddenly unsure of why I was telling this to a pinkish woman wearing clothes three sizes too small and gazing insanely at my face.’
    • ‘Do you insanely gobble down the fat, or do you carefully slice it off?’
    • ‘The field was dominated by clusters of people insanely dancing before finding themselves sheepishly disheveled the next morning.’
    • ‘I walked over to my office where she was standing in front of the doorway, grinning insanely.’
    1. 1.1as submodifier To an extreme degree.
      ‘I couldn't help feeling insanely jealous’
      • ‘I have to be up insanely early’
      • ‘You didn't have to break into abandoned swimming pools, or build insanely expensive half pipes.’
      • ‘The transfers are made from a duplicate negative, which may explain the insanely good transfer we see here.’
      • ‘There's an amusing takeoff on the insanely popular TV show.’
      • ‘My action took place in an insanely messy dorm room.’
      • ‘This is a nonstop barrage of insanely catchy songs.’
      • ‘To represent an insanely annoying character, one doesn't need to write insanely annoying prose.’
      • ‘It may have been ambient wind noise effects mixed in at an insanely high level.’
      • ‘We're living in a culture that is insanely focused on commodity.’
      • ‘There is an insanely convoluted get-rich plot featuring two high school girls from opposite sides of the tracks.’
      • ‘As I'm sure you can understand, I am insanely rushed, but I hope you will accept this brief response.’



/inˈsānlē/ /ɪnˈseɪnli/