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‘The probity, the care and decent aversion of interest necessary in a civil society were replaced with lurid insatiability for retelling what the viewing audience quickly forgot was an actual human tragedy.’
  • ‘For the following reasons I have come to the conclusion that the insatiability of my sex drive is now getting worse.’
  • ‘While women's insatiability remained a central feature of comic cards (hinting at the persistence of an older conception of female sexuality), this insatiability also reflected on the virility of aristocratic men.’
  • ‘Rejecting the long-standing belief in the insatiability of women's sexual desires, nineteenth-century ministers, moralists, and physicians argued that the sexual drives of women were much weaker than those of men.’
  • ‘Having dwelt at length on the insatiability of the base desire for riches, Dante addresses the question of whether our desire for knowledge, too, since it continues to grow as knowledge is acquired, is not similarly base.’



/ˌinˌsāSHəˈbilədē/ /ˌɪnˌseɪʃəˈbɪlədi/