Definition of inscape in English:



  • The unique inner nature of a person or object as shown in a work of art, especially a poem.

    ‘She was clearly one of those solitary temperaments whose earliest companions were things, whose inscapes spoke to her soul.’
    • ‘Hopkins, committed essentialist, sees repetition as a way of fixing or catching an inscape, the ‘thisness’ of a thing or situation.’
    • ‘If Billie Holiday tends to root us to one spot, (the place from which her painful joy issues forth into the world), Yannatou carries us on a voyage into different musical dialects with varied textures and inscapes.’
    • ‘Seasonal landscapes and are linked to human inscapes.’
    • ‘What are the interrelations between inscapes and actual sites?’



/ˈinzˌkāp/ /ˈɪnzˌkeɪp/ /ˈinˌskāp/ /ˈɪnˌskeɪp/


Mid 19th century (originally in the poetic theory of Gerard Manley Hopkins): perhaps from in-‘within’ + -scape.