Definition of insectan in English:



  • Relating to insects.

    ‘the insectan orders’
    • ‘The positive allometry of flight speeds ensures that translational speeds of volant vertebrate predators substantially exceed those of their insectan prey.’
    • ‘The insectan nervous system evolved from the segmented system of annelid worms, such as the earthworm.’
    • ‘Because the insectan sandgropers spend virtually their whole lives underground, they have been difficult subjects for study and little was known about their biology until recently.’
    • ‘They are of less frequent occurrence in insects, but the chemistry of the secretion of insectan hairs, to the extent that it is known, can be of interest.’
    • ‘Apart from that, being in one of the megadiverse countries in insect diversity, I had the opportunity to work on various insectan orders, from the caddisflies to beetles for the past 20 years.’