Definition of insectile in English:



  • Resembling or reminiscent of an insect or insects.

    ‘he folded his insectile hands’
    • ‘Impro-Micro-Acoustique begins in what initially sounds like fairly traditional free improv territory: the air is thin with insectile scratches, creaks and the occasional, markedly electronic sound.’
    • ‘But the swarm of insectile buzzing quickly cohered and built to a climax until it, too, was gone forever - without fadeout or explanation.’
    • ‘By the end of the track, only the higher frequencies remain, creating a delicate ringing like the insectile hum of rubbing a finger around the inside of a wet glass.’
    • ‘He portrays the automobile as a foreign body with vital juices, an insectile shell that can surround and invade the human body - a carapace.’
    • ‘Is it an occasion of worship for some insectile race, or a missionary visitant from somewhere far off in the cosmos?’



/inˈsektl/ /ɪnˈsɛktl/ /inˈsekˌtīl/ /ɪnˈsɛkˌtaɪl/