Definition of insensitiveness in English:



See insensitive

‘And, finally, there was the unforgettable anger of one of the two HIV infected persons invited to speak when he perceived a tone of insensitiveness in a question, a signal that many of us have still to change our attitudes.’
  • ‘Low self-control included the following factors: lack of resistance to immediate gratification, impulsiveness, insensitiveness, physical risk taking, shortsightedness, and being unable to express problems.’
  • ‘Paternalism must not be totally rejected because it is sometimes confused with authoritarianism - the latter reflects insensitiveness, disrespect for patient autonomy and integrity, and desire for power.’
  • ‘It's an occasionally amusing, often painful drama about loss, pain, betrayal, insensitiveness and prejudice.’
  • ‘I have never experienced such indifference to personal feelings, such insensitiveness towards the sanctity of the dead.’



/inˈsensədivnəs/ /ɪnˈsɛnsədɪvnəs/