Definition of insensitivity in English:


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nounplural noun insensitivities

  • 1Lack of concern for others' feelings.

    ‘his comments demonstrate gross insensitivity’
    • ‘Huck, despite his occasional insensitivity to Jim, is not a cruel boy’
    • ‘cultural insensitivities’
    • ‘He never ceased to surprise her with his insensitivity.’
    • ‘This player could not get away with such insensitivity, nor should his team.’
    • ‘Their insensitivity is matched only by their overriding self-belief.’
    • ‘Euro-American stereotypes about native people arise from prejudice and insensitivity.’
    • ‘We were the victims, and others acted with outrageous insensitivity to us.’
    • ‘The racial offensiveness and insensitivity of his remarks and actions must be acknowledged, criticized, and vigorously resisted.’
    • ‘Our challenge is to be cautious not to take on a tone of self-righteousness and insensitivity to those whose policies we critique.’
    • ‘This larger emptiness went hand in hand with the insensitivities endured by the poor and working class residents who were removed from neighborhood after neighborhood.’
    • ‘A media firestorm ensued, with critics accusing the newspaper of sensationalism, poor journalistic judgment, and insensitivity to the victim's family.’
    • ‘The officers have shown insensitivity towards the prisoners, who all share a common faith.’
  • 2Lack of response to a physical sensation, chemical, etc.

    ‘signs of malnutrition include insensitivity to pain’
    • ‘a major characteristic of type 2 diabetes is insulin insensitivity’
    • ‘This prompted us to test whether any of these proteins could rescue the mutant insensitivities to pheromone.’
    • ‘The degree of insensitivity to the two stereoisomers is different from that in wild type.’
    • ‘Because we are monitoring germination rates rather than a static time point, we could get a kinetic measurement of insensitivity.’
    • ‘Some of the alleles showed no significant difference in insensitivity to either isomer.’
    • ‘These strains provided essential controls demonstrating the reproducibility of the quantitative assay and its insensitivity to general growth defects.’
    • ‘This relative insensitivity results from the balance of two countervailing factors.’
    • ‘If such insensitivity was an inevitable property of multienzyme systems, then dominance in metabolism did not require an evolutionary explanation.’
    • ‘Remarkably, the insensitivity to antibiotics exhibited by these cells is nonheritable.’
    • ‘This single amino acid substitution has already been shown to confer such insensitivity in the monarch butterfly.’
    • ‘We trace the evolution of this particular insensitivity in this group of beetles by analyzing a DNA sequence.’
    1. 2.1Lack of awareness or ability to respond to something.
      ‘the growth of our insensitivity to things of beauty’
      • ‘a complete insensitivity to the power of the written word’
      • ‘Its failure to delve properly into the past also explains its insensitivity to certain kinds of censorship and to the continued, heavy presence of secret police.’
      • ‘Insensitivity to the past also helps explain the absence of judicial and prison reform.’
      • ‘In recent years, there has been no other court justice with a personal history so loaded with insensitivity to racial discrimination.’
      • ‘The indifference and insensitivity to democratic principles start here.’
      • ‘This is just another example of our insensitivity to cultural diversity.’
      • ‘One side accuses the other of insensitivity to cultural losses.’
      • ‘It indicates a critical insensitivity to the meaning of Hawthorne's text.’
      • ‘His arrogance of manner and insensitivity on matters of social concern made him an unpredictable colleague in an era of populist politics.’
      • ‘Their defense ministry is accused of cultural and environmental insensitivity.’
      • ‘Insensitivity to social cues may produce maladaptive interpersonal styles characterized by low levels of prosocial behavior and high levels of aggressive behavior.’



/ˌinˌsensəˈtivədē/ /ˌɪnˌsɛnsəˈtɪvədi/ /ənˌsensəˈtivədē/ /ənˌsɛnsəˈtɪvədi/