Definition of insensitivity in English:



mass noun
  • 1Lack of concern for others' feelings.

    ‘his comments demonstrate gross insensitivity’
    ‘Huck, despite his occasional insensitivity to Jim, is not a cruel boy’
    count noun ‘cultural insensitivities’
    • ‘He never ceased to surprise her with his insensitivity.’
    • ‘This player could not get away with such insensitivity, nor should his team.’
    • ‘Their insensitivity is matched only by their overriding self-belief.’
    • ‘Euro-American stereotypes about native people arise from prejudice and insensitivity.’
    • ‘We were the victims, and others acted with outrageous insensitivity to us.’
    • ‘The racial offensiveness and insensitivity of his remarks and actions must be acknowledged, criticized, and vigorously resisted.’
    • ‘Our challenge is to be cautious not to take on a tone of self-righteousness and insensitivity to those whose policies we critique.’
    • ‘This larger emptiness went hand in hand with the insensitivities endured by the poor and working class residents who were removed from neighborhood after neighborhood.’
    • ‘A media firestorm ensued, with critics accusing the newspaper of sensationalism, poor journalistic judgment, and insensitivity to the victim's family.’
    • ‘The officers have shown insensitivity towards the prisoners, who all share a common faith.’
  • 2Lack of response to a physical sensation, chemical, etc.

    ‘signs of malnutrition include insensitivity to pain’
    ‘a major characteristic of type 2 diabetes is insulin insensitivity’
    1. 2.1Lack of awareness or ability to respond to something.
      ‘the growth of our insensitivity to things of beauty’
      ‘a complete insensitivity to the power of the written word’