Definition of inseparability in English:



See inseparable

‘Love is the inseparability of all life everywhere in the cosmos, and today's science is telling us that we are actually inseparably one.’
  • ‘Whether he is celebrating museums or apples and oranges, silver and gold or light and water, poem after poem explores the inseparability of art and life.’
  • ‘Whether I did or not, to him it is irrelevant, even though it is the most glaring example of the inseparability of matters political and personal.’
  • ‘It forced me to acknowledge the inseparability of the coded world and the creative, expressive world.’
  • ‘In practice, that inseparability means that discussion in the body of the text focuses on the historical and social at the expense of any substantial consideration of the aesthetic or material qualities of the works of art.’



/ˌinˌsep(ə)rəˈbilədē/ /ˌɪnˌsɛp(ə)rəˈbɪlədi/ /inˌsep(ə)rəˈbilədē/ /ɪnˌsɛp(ə)rəˈbɪlədi/