Definition of inside baseball in English:

inside baseball


  • 1Expert knowledge about baseball.

    ‘he taught New York baseball fans a good deal of inside baseball’
    • ‘I guess I don't understand the inside baseball here, but now if the Phillies call a potential draft pick won't every agent tell his player to say they have no representation?’
    • ‘He continued to talk inside baseball, following the trades and rumors, in particular the team's need find a left-handed hitter.’
    • ‘His remarks, pretty much in the form of nonstop commentary, combined humor with some sage inside baseball and even a prediction or two.’
    1. 1.1 informal Esoteric or highly technical information.
      • ‘there's probably too much inside baseball to appeal to mainstream audiences’
      • ‘Indulge me in reporting a little inside baseball because it illustrates something important.’
      • ‘Is that inside baseball or is that also an important part of campaign coverage?’
      • ‘Perhaps the writers regarded these insights into the president-press relationship as inside baseball, of little interest to general readers.’
      • ‘It's the usual mix of innuendo, bad legal reasoning and inside baseball she's known for.’
      • ‘It's all inside baseball to them, who's up and who's down.’
      • ‘The point of all this inside baseball is that Hollywood is not the do-anything-for-a-profit machine as it is often depicted.’
      • ‘Whether any of this inside baseball will have an effect on the TV/theatrical negotiations with the studios this spring remains to be seen.’
      • ‘As much as the whole affair is the epitome of inside baseball, it is worth examining the process by which the administration is seeking to spike the tough sanctions.’
      • ‘This incessant obsession with inside baseball serves no purpose beyond distracting people.’
      • ‘Here is some inside baseball on that reform.’


informal US
  • Esoteric or highly technical.

    • ‘yawn-inducing inside-baseball coverage of the tech industry’
    • ‘it was too confusing, too inside baseball’
    • ‘In the end, however, the inside-baseball details matter little.’
    • ‘It's too inside-baseball for mass consumption.’
    • ‘Furthermore, it seemed to me that detailed source notes were a little inside baseball.’
    • ‘But this is so inside-baseball, it's physically painful.’
    • ‘This might seem way too inside baseball, but I actually think it's an important point.’
    • ‘I don't write as much of the inside-baseball weblog posts these days, talking about new technology or debating philosophical fundamentals of the weblog business.’
    • ‘I don't want to get too inside baseball here for the viewers.’
    • ‘It's a little too inside baseball for a newspaper's readers as opposed to an art blog's readers.’
    • ‘It is an inside baseball story and should not be made into a public discussion.’
    • ‘Not to get too inside baseball, but this often signifies the speech's conclusion is coming.’