Definition of inside information in English:

inside information


  • Information available only to those within an organization.

    ‘There was much inside information available to the Pontiff from secret sources.’
    • ‘What information or inside information was the basis for such a confident wager?’
    • ‘And I don't have any inside information one way or the other on that.’
    • ‘You know, I don't really have direct inside information, it's more of a feel or just a suspicion that they are getting closer.’
    • ‘Officials say the crooks may have had inside information as well as assistance from paramilitaries to pull off the precision heist.’
    • ‘Our legal advisors confess no inside information, but say this sort of an event usually precedes an indictment being handed down.’
    • ‘Well, I just heard of it - somebody came rushing in and said they had heard on the news, so there was no inside information.’
    • ‘Now here's a thought - and, no, I have no inside information about any of this.’
    • ‘I'm not privy to any inside information but you have to trust somebody.’
    • ‘For many years political and media elites have lived for inside information.’
    • ‘They must have some inside information that this sort of rhetoric is helping.’
    • ‘I had inside information as to what the judge was going to do in the sentencing.’
    • ‘What he can't do is transfer inside information from the campaign from one to another.’
    • ‘But I'll bet you a doughnut for breakfast they have inside information.’
    • ‘But we suspect a triple suicide attack of such magnitude had to have been assisted by inside information.’
    • ‘Could someone with inside information on the true state of the gold supply and Central Bank Reserves attempt to corner the gold market?’
    • ‘I do get my inside information on the club, and I know they'll be confident for the second leg.’
    • ‘As I mentioned at the start, I have no inside information about what went on during the processing of this paper.’
    • ‘It is also filled with wonderful archival photos of public and private events, as well as juicy inside information.’
    • ‘So we thought to give you some inside information on the teammembers that have been active here for a large part of these three years.’


inside information

/ˈinˌsīd ˌinfərˈmāSHən/ /ˈɪnˌsaɪd ˌɪnfərˈmeɪʃən/