Definition of inside joke in English:

inside joke


  • A joke that is shared exclusively by a small group of people.

    ‘the album title, like many of their songs, is based on an inside joke’
    • ‘My father winks at him, sharing an inside joke.’
    • ‘You don't know these characters, you don't get their inside jokes, you have no frame of reference for their anecdotes.’
    • ‘Culturally adept viewers will also enjoy the celebrity cameos and inside jokes, none of which I will spoil here.’
    • ‘While the anecdotes and inside jokes are enjoyable enough, the banter does wear a bit thin and listeners are left wishing for more substantive comments.’
    • ‘This is a film parents will enjoy watching with their children, because there are just enough inside jokes and adult humor to keep the story interesting.’
    • ‘The book's more interesting elements - the fleeting fragments of historical information and the odd archival photo - give way all too frequently to inside jokes and surprisingly pedestrian observations.’
    • ‘When an ad makes a 'tween feel like there's an inside joke between them and the advertiser, it's a home run.’
    • ‘It's an inside joke between them, and they laugh with the intimacy of kinship and the relief of distance from the subject at hand.’
    • ‘He insisted on turning his films into black comedies, full of inside jokes and slippery double entendres, while his contemporaries did what the studio told them to do.’
    • ‘Also, for those who like weird little inside jokes, take note that most of the incidental police characters are named after members of the production team.’