Definition of inside of in English:

inside of


  • 1 informal Within.

    • ‘something inside of me wanted to believe him’
    • ‘He stood in the crisp air inside of the forbidding black tower, staring thoughtfully out towards the south.’
    • ‘I pull out the chair, sit down and begin to type what is in my heart, and as I do, a change takes place not only inside of me, but also within the room.’
    • ‘Before they could go inside of the room a gust of wind blew from within the room.’
    • ‘It fits snugly within the skull, hidden from view inside of the top half of the head.’
    • ‘He saw her as blue-white energy stirring within her cage, but also flowing inside of him.’
    • ‘Plus I'll never feel something growing inside of me for that period of time.’
    • ‘They had never told us they were going to build a studio inside of our house.’
    • ‘There's always been things inside of me that I wanted to get and tell me why I did what I did.’
    • ‘There is a famous saying that says ‘Most of us go to our graves with our music still inside of us.’’
    • ‘Had the continuation of Anju and Sudha's story been brewing inside of you while you wrote the short stories?’
    • ‘By imagination, I mean that expression of our individuality by which we make a personal sense of the world around and inside of us.’
    • ‘We can find the strength and belief inside of ourselves, and raise ourselves above those limitations.’
    • ‘Maybe that's the day something clicked inside of me, but it just took a year for me to pay attention to it.’
    • ‘I wish I could hang onto that baby inside of her for just a bit more, but I know I have to let that go.’
    • ‘He rediscovered the outdoorsman trapped inside of him and revelled in long nature walks and going to the beach.’
    • ‘The doctors did not give her hope to live to three months of age when she was born, doctors inside of Iraq.’
    • ‘Looking at that tiny frame of hers, you would just assume that a baby wouldn't fit inside of her.’
    • ‘I started to think how amazing an icicle would look with something was frozen inside of it.’
    • ‘Trying to suggest that she was not murdered outside of her home but was murdered inside of her home.’
    • ‘A lot of them were sleeping on top of their vehicles, inside of their vehicles and on the ground.’
    1. 1.1In less than (the period of time specified)
      ‘rerigging a ship for a voyage inside of a week’
      • ‘The centurions club is an elite club of people who can run or walk 100 miles inside of 24 hours.’
      • ‘It's not necessarily bucketing down, but coming down hard enough that we were both soaked to the skin inside of fifteen minutes.’
      • ‘Two missed scores and two points inside of four minutes of the restart had Carlow back within a goal of their opponents.’