Definition of inside track in English:

inside track


  • 1The inner, shorter track of a racecourse.

    • ‘Ward held the inside track and outmaneuvered his opponent to win.’
    1. 1.1A position of advantage.
      ‘he always had the inside track for the starring role’
      • ‘But no one had the inside track for the position.’
      • ‘The plan is to let five players compete for two open starting jobs in training camp, but Claridge should have the inside track for one position.’
      • ‘Danny Bautista, a career part-timer, has the inside track at the position.’
      • ‘The seven companies will be given an opportunity to reach the inside track for the lucrative American market, meeting buyers, importers and distributors of speciality foods and drinks.’
      • ‘Just as at the meetings in Edinburgh, those in Brussels want the opportunity of the inside track.’
      • ‘The always-interesting Nick Denton has the inside track on what's doing at Sputnik.’
      • ‘It has the inside track despite Edison's weak financial prospects and continuing reports of poor academic performance in its schools.’
      • ‘Bonilla, who can play third base, first and the outfield and Hubbard, also an outfielder, have the inside tracks to jobs.’
      • ‘RHP Dave Coggin has the inside track.’
      • ‘Fisher had a solid rookie year and has an inside track to a starting spot.’
      • ‘He has the inside track on handling punts, though the team would prefer not to use a starter there.’
      • ‘He could play on the strong side, but incumbent Jeff Posey has the inside track at starting because he has better range in pass coverage.’
      • ‘Daubach might have an inside track because of his power from the left side.’
      • ‘The Ravens, Broncos and Jaguars are trying to win the second wild-card berth behind the Jets, who have the inside track, despite losing at Pittsburgh on Sunday.’
      • ‘This schedule and the way the Tigers have played it clearly gives them an inside track at a No.1 seed.’
      • ‘If the team doesn't sign a top free agent, Fiedler will have the inside track on the starting job.’
      • ‘Booker or Jenkins - the team will sign only one - will have the inside track.’
      • ‘Monsanto Pope has the inside track for the other starting spot.’
      • ‘His backup, Donaldo Mendez, appears to be playing himself onto the inside track, ahead of Santiago Perez.’
      • ‘Rookie sixth-round pick Kevin Thomas has the inside track on the fourth spot.’


inside track

/ˈinˌsīd ˌtrak/ /ˈɪnˌsaɪd ˌtræk/