Definition of insidery in English:



  • Proceeding from or reflecting an insider's knowledge or perspective.

    • ‘an insidery website that is widely read in the capital's political precincts’
    • ‘insidery jargon’
    • ‘On the other hand, he saw first hand in Gore 2000 what can happen to a top-heavy, insidery operation.’
    • ‘Donna, Calvin, Helmut, Ralph, Donatella, and Tommy: It's very insidery to reference a designer by first name.’
    • ‘I don't agree with Josh, by the way, that this kind of back-and-forth is insidery.’
    • ‘Even though there were a few 'insidery' things that he missed, it didn't make him feel left out or excluded from the overall story.’
    • ‘Then, realizing he didn't know me, he turned to someone else and said the exact same thing, so he could receive an eagerly desired knowing, insidery smile in response.’
    • ‘It took the form of an arch and insidery back-and-forth between the candidates over the role that the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. played in the civil rights movement.’
    • ‘To insidery boffins, it counted as doing it with his bare hands.’
    • ‘There's some interesting insidery stuff going on with an inter-agency tussle.’
    • ‘It surprises me that some readers (specifically those who have to review) find it 'insidery' and therefore feel alienated.’
    • ‘In fact, it is bigger, roomier, friendlier - if that's possible - more effortlessly joyous, more comfortable, less insidery, better staffed, and better lit, and, to top it off, you're going to wind up better fed.’
    • ‘Since he's already fighting the perception that he's an exotic outsider, he can't be seen as too insidery with the Euro-crats.’
    • ‘It was scrappy and funny and insidery, all before celebrity-news saturation and the Internet made on-set goss as easy to procure as a weather bulletin.’
    • ‘It was inevitable that the film industry would dislocate its own shoulder to pat itself on the back for this smug, insidery movie about the making of this smug, insidery movie.’
    • ‘It's this insidery, know-it-all, savviness that leads them time and again to be taken in by certain leadership archetypes that are based on adolescent notions about "real" and "cool" and "nerd."’
    • ‘One of classical music's great downfalls's that it's too "insidery" and doesn't quite know how to reach outside of its insularity to bring in new audiences.’
    • ‘If you agree with Josh that "tit-for-tats with other bloggers get too insidery and readers get bored with them" then ignore the clash and head straight for his latest posts.’
    • ‘Insidery, horseracy and cynical it may be, but at least it's honest about its gravity.’



/inˈsīd(ə)rē/ /ɪnˈsaɪd(ə)ri/