Definition of insipidly in English:



See insipid

‘As Charlotte grows bored of her somewhat vacuous husband and his insipidly shallow colleagues, she befriends Bob and the two of them embark upon one of the most realistically restrained romances in movie history.’
  • ‘‘Come in,’ I called insipidly, as usual engrossed in a book.’
  • ‘He moves with a real, not acted, awkwardness; gazes insipidly out of weirdly hooded eyes; and speaks in choppy phrases.’
  • ‘The three youngsters on tape appeared awkward, repeating cliched ballet moves insipidly rather than exploring new territory with vigor.’
  • ‘In his own work, the monumental rather insipidly won out.’



/inˈsipidlē/ /ɪnˈsɪpɪdli/