Definition of insistency in English:



See insistence

‘It was the first Cannes Film Festival of the new century, but it felt more like an end than a beginning, as the past returned, in film after film, with weight and insistency.’
  • ‘But it is becoming apparent that these are all eclipsed by the English game's insistency on burying its head in the sand and claiming it's all okay, really.’
  • ‘I'm not a Wings fan really, but I quite like the pulsating insistency and the layered backing vocals.’
  • ‘‘Seven Nation Army,’ the opening track and first single, fares the best, with its muted insistency and Jack White's inspired vocal turns.’
  • ‘My chest begins to hurt with more insistency, a couple of coughs rippling through me; there's no time for that now though, as my mind cries out in urgency.’