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  • Drunkenness.

    ‘the defendant was in a state of insobriety’
    • ‘For him, ‘the Methodist conscience of Britain has been replaced by greed, insobriety and the worship of wealth’.’
    • ‘His worldview seems to neglect that millions of people enjoy alcohol for purposes other than achieving insobriety.’
    • ‘The ‘fact’ of European insobriety has been cited last year in letters to The Journal of the American Medical Association and The Washington Post.’
    • ‘They have a lot to answer for in launching him as an ambassador of Scottish insobriety upon the world.’
    • ‘Student insobriety and its management are not new to college authorities.’
    • ‘In this case you have to factor in alcohol, albeit I know there is a finding of sobriety, or not of insobriety; giddiness; certainly tiredness; early hours of the morning.’
    • ‘For she would always move away, as long as there was a despicable husband that yelled and disturbed the neighbors, and broke objects in a constant state of insobriety.’
    • ‘Her state of insobriety had distracted Chris to such an extent that he really hadn't paid much attention to the contents of the serving tray.’
    • ‘We are also told that insobriety was a thing of the past at wakes on these islands.’
    • ‘The risk is far greater than driving a car in a similar condition of insobriety.’
    • ‘It was necessary for his Honour also to reach a conclusion that the insobriety of Smith was such that the appellant knew or ought to have known of his unfitness to drive the vehicle.’
    drunkenness, intoxication, inebriation, tipsiness
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/ˌinsəˈbrīədē/ /ˌɪnsəˈbraɪədi/