Definition of insolvable in English:



rare term for insoluble
‘Oh well, just because a problem is insolvable doesn't mean the federal government can't throw hundreds of billions of dollars at it.’
  • ‘Of all his attributes, I am most impressed by his constant striving to help patients with seemingly insolvable problems, achieving successes despite considerable odds.’
  • ‘I was persuaded that I had been spared an insolvable difficulty by declining to accept his gracious but unilateral appointment.’
  • ‘Although all of China's potential sources of energy present problems, none of these problems is insolvable.’
  • ‘It's a very strange feeling, to have this weigh so heavy on my mind, and realize this is an insolvable problem.’



/inˈsälvəbəl/ /ɪnˈsɑlvəbəl/