Definition of insomuch in English:



  • 1insomuch thatTo such an extent that.

    ‘self is the source of evil insomuch that the purity of the soul increases as it loses selfhood’
    • ‘Besides which he had a difficulty of breathing upon him, and had a convulsion of all his members, insomuch that the diviners said those diseases were a punishment upon him for what he had done.’
    • ‘After 44 years this former history teacher and headmaster is hanging up the headphones, but only insomuch that he will no longer be a week-to-week regular on BBC Scotland's Saturday afternoon Sportsound programme.’
    • ‘The power of God came mightily upon us, insomuch that many cried for exceeding joy, and many fell to the ground.’
    • ‘I see him very much as a unifying factor, if it still is necessary to unify the royal family, insomuch that he is very much combining the best elements of both parents.’
    • ‘That the waving line, or line of beauty, varying still more, being composed of two curves contrasted, becomes still more ornamental and pleasing, insomuch that the hand takes a lively movement in making it with pen or pencil.’
    • ‘There's this thing about Montreal where we had so many bad years, which were actually good years insomuch that you could live cheaply and really concentrate on the art.’
    • ‘Furthermore I tend to agree with A J insomuch that the Sun and Mirror newspapers are not taken seriously at all.’
    • ‘For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.’
    • ‘When I shall send thee into the world I shall send thee as my messenger of salvation, and thy word shall be true, insomuch that heaven and earth shall fail but thy faith shall never fail.’
    • ‘And when He was come into his own country, He taught them in their Synagogue, insomuch that they were astonished, and said, Whence hath this man this wisdom, and these mighty works?’
    • ‘The sound of our pens going, refreshed us exceedingly, insomuch that I sometimes found it difficult to distinguish between this edifying business proceeding and actually paying the money.’
    • ‘Then was brought unto him one possessed with a devil, blind, and dumb: and He healed him, insomuch that the blind and dumb both spake and saw.’
    • ‘Whereupon the wonderful God acted wonderfully, insomuch that Judas was so changed in speech and in face to be like Jesus that we believed him to be Jesus.’
    • ‘It seemed comfortable enough insomuch that he ventured to lie down.’
    • ‘Living in her fantasy kept her from paying attention insomuch that she ran into someone behind her as she worked.’
    • ‘Her grip had loosened in her deep thoughts insomuch that she soon found herself falling to the water below.’
    • ‘The stench welcomed her even more so upon opening the door insomuch that she had to hold her nose.’
    • ‘This they repeat every quarter of an hour, insomuch that a single last of herrings requires five hundred billets to dry them.’
    • ‘You'll be helping yourself and you'll be helping me out insomuch that I will receive royalties on your purchases.’
  • 2insomuch asInasmuch as.

    ‘I’m dwelling on their accessories only insomuch as it has a direct bearing on the rest of the story’
    • ‘This is whether the balance is right between safety - insomuch as you can ever have a form of transport that is completely safe - and having a properly functioning railway.’
    • ‘State aid is being allowed insomuch as governments can underwrite war risk insurance for airlines until the end of the year.’
    • ‘I'm dwelling on their accessories only insomuch as it has a direct bearing on the rest of the story.’
    • ‘Time Warner is lucky insomuch as it can use its broadband arm to help its media arm but I'm wagering that we'll soon see some pretty significant alliances formed between carriers and recording/movie publishers.’
    • ‘It is worthy of attention however, insomuch as it is comparatively lively and straightforward in style, contains certain truthful elements, and is characterised at times by a bold and derisive tone.’
    • ‘It is a problem insomuch as this is the part of the bill that also makes it very clear to non-Maori New Zealanders that they have fewer rights to undertake activity on the foreshore and seabed of this country than Maori do.’
    • ‘Google is an interesting site insomuch as it appears to have avoided the temptation to accept money for preferential placements in search results and has stuck very much to its knitting.’
    • ‘Intellectual property controls the way in which property may be used insomuch as it controls all forms of use, even those which do not enrich or harm the original owner.’
    • ‘My comments are apolitical insomuch as I have no idea who I'm going to vote for and my comments are based solely on my observations as to how the parties are running their mailing lists.’
    • ‘Hence statements vary insomuch as the clips themselves vary.’
    • ‘Obviously, the U.S. commitment upset the power equation in the region insomuch as China felt a threat to its security.’
    • ‘Other printers such as many of the HP line are a little better insomuch as the print-head is built into the ink cartridge itself.’
    • ‘Skype have been smart insomuch as they've lowered the barrier to entry for their service to nothing more than a software download.’
    • ‘However a genre, insomuch as it helps define the universe of the story, would contribute towards the frame of that story.’
    • ‘Here, insomuch as music is equated with time, it is suffused with dimension through presence.’
    • ‘But we do hate all impostures and lies; insomuch as we have severely forbidden it to all our fellows.’
    • ‘She was suffering my attentions only insomuch as she could ensure that I would never come back.’
    • ‘It's not the business of a state to be at peace or to be concerned with our rights, except insomuch as these things help it retain legitimacy.’
    • ‘That's got to be a breach of the Fair Trading Act insomuch as the goods are incorrectly described.’
    • ‘Phyconos never took the time to actually examine the books that were there, insomuch that he figured that it wouldn't hurt to flip through a couple.’



/ˌinsəˈməCH/ /ˌɪnsəˈmətʃ/


Late Middle English originally as in so much, translating French en tant (que) ‘in so much (as)’.