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  • The practice of using an organization's own personnel or other resources to accomplish a task that was previously outsourced.

    ‘But it has added a twist to the offshore bandwagon - by insourcing, rather than outsourcing, the work.’
    • ‘Companies are redirecting their expenditures, from private networks to IP-based services, from insourcing to outsourcing.’
    • ‘The scorecard on job outsourcing versus job insourcing has actually moved in the favor of the U.S. in recent decades, and policy-makers must consider both when evaluating the worldwide movement of jobs.’
    • ‘The Adams criteria for insourcing include: access to enough qualified workers, a chief executive who is committed to managing technology, and a financial model that justifies the cost.’
    • ‘The insourcing of certain engineering functions will play a central role in Ford's new Team Value Management waste-reduction strategy, which also was announced last fall.’



/ˈinˌsôrsiNG/ /ˈɪnˌsɔrsɪŋ/


1970s on the pattern of outsourcing(see outsource).