Definition of Instagram in English:


transitive verbtransitive verb Instagrams, transitive verb Instagramming, transitive verb Instagrammed

[with object]
  • Post (a photograph or video of something) on the social media application Instagram.

    ‘the singer Instagrammed a picture of her meal—avocado toast with red peppers and onions’
    • ‘it's one of the most Instagrammed beaches in the world’
    • ‘She Instagrammed a series of photos of them snuggling with their oldest.’
    • ‘She came with her mother and Instagrammed photos of the two.’
    • ‘Clothes, patterns and ideas can now debut on runways in Paris or Milan, and then can be Instagrammed, scanned and put into production by fast fashion brands within just a few days.’
    • ‘He Instagrammed a photo of the performance.’
    • ‘I went this morning, Instagrammed it, tasted the powder then spat it out.’
    • ‘She Instagrammed an illustration that served as a first look at the movie.’
    • ‘ He Instagrammed a photograph of the couple enjoying breakfast somewhere in the woods.’
    • ‘One of her friends Instagrammed a photo of her wearing an oversize blazer.’
    • ‘She had Instagrammed a video of herself closing the doors on a removal van.’
    • ‘If the drinks themselves weren't utterly irresistible, the range of striking vessels make everything beg to be Instagrammed.’



/ˈinstəˌɡram/ /ˈɪnstəˌɡræm/


Early 21st century from Instagram, the proprietary name of the social media application.