Definition of Instant Kiwi in English:

Instant Kiwi


mass nounNew Zealand trademark
  • A lottery game involving scratch cards offering immediate cash prizes to winners.

    ‘she spends all her money on Instant Kiwi’
    as modifier ‘they bought 100 Instant Kiwi tickets and sent them out to customers’
    • ‘One month I sent out a free $1 Instant Kiwi ticket.’
    • ‘These women are on every TV show, they are in ads for everything from Instant Kiwi to beds.’
    • ‘She was out walking with her husband yesterday when she called in to a Lotto store to collect $5 she won on an Instant Kiwi ticket.’
    • ‘A local woman won a Mini Countryman with the Instant Kiwi Summer Game Pack.’
    • ‘The Lotteries Commission which operates Lotto, Instant Kiwi, and others pays about $35 million a year in tax and the racing industry pays close to $40 million in totalisator duty in a year.’
    • ‘Huge jackpots lured New Zealanders into spending a record $926 million on Lotto, Instant Kiwi and other lotteries in the last year.’
    • ‘For more than twenty years Instant Kiwi scratchie cards have been injecting a little bit of excitement into Kiwis' lives.’
    • ‘His children will get a special Christmas surprise when they look in their stocking after their father's $250,000 Instant Kiwi windfall.’
    • ‘For Instant Kiwi, the limit is 10 tickets, although it is only available at standard checkouts, and is not available at the self-checkout.’
    • ‘To simulate the feeling of anticipation and the spontaneity of winning with Instant Kiwi, we made sure that each participant was picked at random and remained unaware of what they would be asked to do, building suspence through each step of their experience leading to a winning grand finale.’