Definition of instant message in English:

instant message

(also instant-message)


  • A message sent via the internet that appears on the recipient's screen as soon as it is transmitted.

    ‘With respect to an online dating service you could use Skype to allow someone to actually talk to the other person, rather than use instant messaging.’
    • ‘What other MSN or any instant messaging pet peeves do you have?’
    • ‘For the vast majority of its users, the Internet represents e-mail and instant messaging.’
    • ‘For a long time instant messaging has allowed computer users to communicate over the internet using a text-based chat service.’
    • ‘Blame it on its ability to let you do instant messaging, or real time messaging with your buddies all around the world.’
    • ‘Apparently movies flop because of texting, instant messaging and email.’

transitive verb

[with object]
  • Send (someone) an instant message.