Definition of instant runoff voting in English:

instant runoff voting


(also IRV)
mainly US
  • An electoral system whereby voters rank candidates in order of preference. In the event that one candidate fails to achieve a sufficient majority, the candidate with the fewest number of first-preference rankings is eliminated and these votes redistributed, the process being repeated until one candidate achieves the required majority.

    ‘We should push states to require majority winners through instant runoff voting.’
    • ‘In March, San Francisco voted to become the first American city to implement instant runoff voting for its major local elections.’
    • ‘Instant runoff voting, which compresses runoffs into general elections by having voters rank candidates in order of preference, is one solution.’
    • ‘Australia and Ireland also use instant runoff voting, which eliminates primaries by allowing voters to mark a second and third place choice.’
    • ‘He said his party is interested in electoral change that empowers voters, such as instant runoff voting, which would allow voters to rank their top choices for a political office.’