Definition of instantaneously in English:


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  • Instantly; at once.

    ‘now we can communicate instantaneously with the rest of the world’
    • ‘soldiers must be ready to react instantaneously’
    • ‘It will generate reports, customized to your specifications, almost instantaneously.’
    • ‘Books, unlike paintings, must be apprehended sequentially, line by line, rather than instantaneously.’
    • ‘His shtick was to create concrete expectations, only to void them instantaneously with his voice.’
    • ‘Othello's intense pain of learning of a humiliating loss of power instantaneously converts to physical violence against the scapegoat Desdemona.’
    • ‘The camera has the power to transform the three dimensions of any scene instantaneously into a two-dimensional arrangement of shapes on the viewing screen.’
    • ‘The opening track is an instantaneously catchy vibe on saying "Hey!"’
    • ‘The information from the scan is sent instantaneously to a registry database, to be housed by the new joint venture company.’
    • ‘Today's advanced performance-management information and communication systems connect retailers, warehouses, manufacturers, and suppliers instantaneously.’
    • ‘The Internet has allowed firms to reduce publication and mailing costs by instantaneously communicating price and product changes to customers.’
    • ‘For some reason that eluded him at the time, her last comment startled Jack, sending a red flag up almost instantaneously.’



/ˌinztənˈtānēəslē/ /ˌɪnztənˈteɪniəsli/