Definition of institutor in English:



  • A person who introduces or establishes something.

    • ‘He stands as the mythical representative and institutor of all the festivities of Yule.’
    • ‘The Author and institutor of marriage was no other than he that made them: even the great Lord of the Universe.’
    • ‘At their best, people of faith minister to others in sick rooms, act as counselors, as empathic fellow-sufferers, and as institutors of healing agencies.’
    • ‘The first and most wise institutors of religions and ceremonies, ordained that prayers, singings, and all manner of divine worships whatsoever, should not be performed without lighted candles or torches.’
    • ‘The insitutor of it was the great prophet Elias, who three times made fire come down from heaven to punish the Idolaters.’
    originator, creator, initiator, institutor, instigator, organizer, father, founding father, prime mover, architect, engineer, designer, deviser, developer, pioneer, author, planner, framer, inventor, mastermind, maker, producer, builder, constructor