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  • Useful and informative.

    ‘it is instructive to compare the two projects’
    • ‘This book is deeply interesting to read while still being informative and instructive.’
    • ‘That would give other failed institutions an encouraging and instructive example.’
    • ‘It is instructive, for example, to visit a Vietnamese city, and experience how agreeable it is.’
    • ‘It is instructive to compare Dawson's version of a song with that of a more highly regarded singer.’
    • ‘I personally found it instructive and helpful, as I think all those who have taken the course so far.’
    • ‘It also is instructive as an example of the gray areas that are inherent in the discipline.’
    • ‘Indeed the lines of thinking in different epochs provide instructive examples of the science of the day.’
    • ‘This favourable environment has produced a usefully instructive specimen of the democratic species.’
    • ‘For these assertions are instructive just because they reveal some of the less obvious effects of a denial of human rights.’
    • ‘It is instructive to compare the operation of the essentially similar institutions in Sweden and Denmark.’
    • ‘It is instructive to compare ball speeds and distances in cricket and hockey.’
    • ‘To understand this on a practical level it may be instructive to turn to an example.’
    • ‘Simkin's hand as an editor is present in helpful and instructive ways in this collection.’
    • ‘History in America has basically become inspirational, not instructive.’
    • ‘Here they are stifled by large pictures of lesser quality, although the juxtapositions are instructive.’
    • ‘Aside from the freedom and joy these drawings radiate, their simplicity is instructive.’
    • ‘It is instructive to apply the book's thesis to Scotland - too often wrongly lumped in with England.’
    • ‘As for the seats themselves, it's instructive to read the Royal Commission report.’
    • ‘I hope you've found it as instructive reading the posts as I've found it writing them.’
    • ‘The extend thanks to the organisers for a very instructive and enjoyable day.’
    informative, instructional, informational, illuminating, enlightening, revealing, explanatory, telling
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/inˈstrəktiv/ /ɪnˈstrəktɪv/