Definition of instructively in English:



See instructive

‘Considering his instructively bizarre, virtually anonymous career, no one would have expected Micheaux to achieve this celebrity in cement.’
  • ‘One could instructively contrast this plan with the traditional blitzkrieg tactic used up to this point.’
  • ‘It becomes instructively frustrating to discover how many terms we take for granted in discussing ways of knowing, for which we have only visually oriented vocabulary.’
  • ‘The Art Center's 2,600-square-foot Beaux-Arts interior, once a ballroom, contended instructively with the work's minimalist esthetic, creating an enlivening tension that charged the space.’
  • ‘His successes include London's Royal Opera House, the Kansas City Ballet, the American Ballet Theatre and, most instructively, Alvin Ailey.’



/inˈstrəktəvlē/ /ɪnˈstrəktəvli/