Definition of instructorship in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌSHip/


See instructor

‘I've started doing an instructorship so I can teach paddling and we've been in touch with the Sligo Council Sports and Recreation office.’
  • ‘A perverse ‘balance’ can be found at the lower ranks of the professoriate, where women hold a solid majority of the positions (58 percent of instructorships, 54 percent of lectureships, and 51 percent of unranked positions).’
  • ‘This makes instructorships very expensive, and since the club pays for our instructorships this makes us have to charge higher fees.’
  • ‘Upon returning to America, Moore assumed an instructorship at Northwestern University for a year, but a heavy teaching load led him back to Yale as a Tutor (comparable to an Assistant Professor today) for two years.’
  • ‘Three years earlier, Max had been given an instructorship, which began an association with the faculty at Northwestern University that lasted until 1955.’