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instrument panel

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(also instrument board)
  • A surface in front of a driver's or pilot's seat, on which the vehicle's or aircraft's instruments are situated.

    ‘It's helped by the magnesium cross-car beam that acts as the mounting surface for the instrument panel and steering column.’
    • ‘Furthermore, a storage undertray beneath the instrument panel runs across the front of the car.’
    • ‘The engine roared and the instrument panel in front flickered into action.’
    • ‘Additional modifications include a new steering wheel and better-looking surfaces for the instrument panel.’
    • ‘Through them I could see the instrument panel, throttles and seats, with cushions still in place.’
    switch, knob, button, dial, handle, lever


instrument panel

/ˈinztrəmənt ˌpanl/ /ˈɪnztrəmənt ˌpænl/ /ˈinstrəmənt ˌpanl/ /ˈɪnstrəmənt ˌpænl/