Definition of insufficiently in English:


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  • To an inadequate degree; not enough.

    ‘a number of important issues were covered insufficiently’
    • ‘we were insufficiently attentive’
    • ‘Despite its immense bulk, the book leaves some aspects of Matisse's art insufficiently discussed.’
    • ‘They generally ruin things by being insufficiently respectful of their masters' teachings.’
    • ‘Her exemplary behavior is insufficiently protective, given the history of racial discrimination suffered by men like her father.’
    • ‘Limiting conditions are considered to be soil or geologic layers that are either insufficiently or excessively permeable.’
    • ‘Some readers dismiss her work, considering it insufficiently assertive of a politics of resistance.’
    • ‘In the category for soil temperature in Georgia, measurements greater than 72 degrees lead to no risk of seedling disease associated with insufficiently warm soil.’
    • ‘There are other claims that are perhaps insufficiently established.’
    • ‘To begin documenting this history, one must read a number of exhibition catalogs, many of which remain insufficiently known.’
    • ‘The trouble with this fugue is that the subject itself is insufficiently interesting to prompt speculation about its potential.’
    • ‘Mined areas are insufficiently signed, or entirely unmarked.’



/ˌinsəˈfiSHən(t)lē/ /ˌɪnsəˈfɪʃən(t)li/