Definition of insula in English:


nounplural noun insulae/-ˌlē/

  • A region of the brain deep in the cerebral cortex.

    ‘The insular cortex is indented by a number of sulci, one of which - the central sulcus of the insula - is deeper and more prominent than the rest.’
    • ‘A few seconds later, presumably as the person responded to the humor, brain regions called the insula and amygdala became active across both hemispheres of the brain.’
    • ‘While rejecting an offer, increased brain activity was observed in the anterior insula, which is associated with negative emotions such as disgust.’
    • ‘The areas most affected were the superior temporal, anterior insula, and orbitofrontal cortices.’
    • ‘The insula relays messages between imitation and emotion regions, Iacoboni suggests.’



/ˈinsələ/ /ˈɪnsələ/


Latin, literally ‘island’.