Definition of insularly in English:



See insular

‘This also stands in contrast with the United States Supreme Court which in constitutional affairs has robustly - insularly, it has been said by some - asserted its preference for its own norms.’
  • ‘Thinking insularly, Laura confines her politics to domestic concerns, and her critique of domesticity as a justification for domestic politics extends only as far as England's border.’
  • ‘As a matter of fact, a better way to describe its current events situational satire is to consider it insularly relevant, focusing on the more abnormal elements of the newsworthy to draw out its own internal logic.’
  • ‘A recent account of Irish culture during the period has dismissed the allegation that the South remained ‘insularly indifferent to the war and uninformed or incurious about its course’.’



/ˈins(y)ələrlē/ /ˈɪns(j)ələrli/