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insulating tape

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  • another term for friction tape

    ‘Full-grown animals were fitted with radio-collars manufactured at the University of Bristol, which were covered in colored electrical insulating tape to aid individual identification in the field.’
    • ‘Our tangle of wires and insulating tape enabled us to connect our mics and minidisc recorders to the satellite equipment and broadcast.’
    • ‘Adhesive-backed, foam pipe insulating tape keeps temperature extremes inside the pipe and eliminates the formation of condensation.’
    • ‘Tape however many tubes you want together with electrical insulating tape and hang your plugs inside the tubes.’
    • ‘The cloth tape is much better than the normal electrical insulating tape.’
    adhesive tape, sticky tape, insulating tape, masking tape, parcel tape


insulating tape

/ˈinsəˌlādiNG ˌtāp/ /ˈɪnsəˌleɪdɪŋ ˌteɪp/