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insulin shock

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  • An acute physiological condition resulting from excess insulin in the blood, involving low blood sugar, weakness, convulsions, and potentially coma.

    ‘The treatments comprised straightjackets, seclusion, insulin shock and electric shock treatment.’
    • ‘There's a physiology to this, likely related to the heavy release of adrenaline when blood sugar levels drop too low as a result of insulin shock.’
    • ‘According to Bell, diabetes in the workplace can also be costly because, when a diabetic succumbs to insulin shock or complications, he or she often has to be stabilised in an intensive care unit.’
    • ‘In this condition, commonly referred to as insulin shock, the brain is deprived of an essential energy source.’
    • ‘Luckily, Karin's camera was left on the afternoon she went into insulin shock.’


insulin shock

/ˈinsələn SHäk/ /ˈɪnsələn ʃɑk/